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Frozen chicken
BakPiliç -Ankara

BAKPİLİÇ ENTEGRE TAVUKÇULUK A.Ş. It entered the sector by establishing a breeding facility in Ankara Polatlı in 1998, increased the capacity of the breeding facilities in 2000 and produced broiler chicks by activating the hatching facilities. Finally, in 2003, it started to produce broilers as a fully integrated facility. In order to provide the best service to the consumer, it increased the breeding house capacity in 2005, focused on R&D studies, and completed and activated the Broiler R&D poultry houses in this direction.

BAKPİLİÇ, the young and innovative company of the poultry sector, is the rising brand of the sector with the sensitivity it has shown in every stage of production and distribution channel. It rapidly develops its distribution channels in order to deliver reliable and high quality chicken meat to the consumer and continues its efforts to raise social awareness about white meat.

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