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   Our company, which entered the plastics industry in 2022 with the brand ASDAF TURKEY, is proud of coming to this day in its production adventure, which it started with only small diameter pipe production in the first years.

In 2022, Sprinkler Irrigation started to manufacture all kinds of pipes and fittings.

Our company, which takes firm steps towards becoming the indispensable choice of farmers with our ever-increasing quality understanding, has caught all the innovations of technology in the field of sprinkler irrigation pipes and fittings and is indispensable for quality.

ASDAF started to manufacture PE-100 network pipes in 2022. Our company has gained a good place in the plastics industry with increasing new types of products.

In 2022, our company started to produce Drip Irrigation Pipes and its fittings, and by increasing its product range, it has come a long way towards becoming a sought-after brand in the sector. We have no doubt that our company, which added the foreign market to its domestic market in a short time, will gain a significant market share in a short time.


Our vision;
To be a brand sought by our domestic and foreign customers by following the innovations in the light of the technological developments of the age in the plastics industry.


Our Mission;
In order to produce solutions for increasing the reliability and living standards in the plastics industry, and to ensure the continuation of competitiveness in the national and international markets; To produce innovative products and services that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers with a quality approach that is open to continuous improvement.


Our Values;
To produce competitive and quality products that are open to innovations, open to teamwork with our business partners, aware of our responsibility, by complying with ethical rules, without compromising the principles of honesty and reliability.

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